Mr. Raquez Rouse

About beauty-portraiture photographer Raquez Rouse.

Beauty-portrait photographer, Raquez Rouse is working relentlessly to make his foot print on this “selfie” and hashtag kind of world. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Raquez has been featured in publications such as Dark Beauty Magazine, International publication - Photographer’s Forum and been a prominent visual artist in the RAW Artists of Raleigh showcase. Along with being selected as a selected student filmmaker in film festivals such as The Bronze Lens Film Festival (2017) of Atlanta, Georgia and the Hayti Film Festival of Durham, North Carolina for his short film MELANIN (2018).

Raquez’s work is becoming recognized as “breath-taking” with its lavish-color and cinematic lighting. Never afraid to take creative risks, his work takes on the form of being bold, colorful, and cinematic. No matter the subject matter, whether it is a top-model or an everyday person, his vision is the same and that is to make you feel as beautiful as he is going to make you look! His mission is to help people see and value themselves with positive self-esteem through the transformation of a powerful portrait.